Video - MegaBus: Van Hool TD925 #DD432 & #DD032 @ White Marsh (Baltimore)

Videos Vanhool TD925 MegaBus: Van Hool TD925 #DD432 & #DD032 @ White Marsh (Baltimore)

MegaBus: Van Hool TD925 #DD432 & #DD032 @ White Marsh (Baltimore)

@ White Marsh Park & Ride Lot Fleet Series: *#DD432 (2010) *#DD032 (2008-09) Engine / Transmission: **Cummins ISM / ZF AS Tronic Routes: 1st bus: On "Route M21" heading southbound to Washington, DC via Baltimore 2nd bus: On "Route M21" heading northbound to New York City, New York Notes: *Double-decker buses can not or choose not to operate through downtown Baltimore, either because of the low height of traffic signals and/or the competition with Greyhound Lines Corp. and lack of a suitable bus hub. *I finally get the recordings of the Van Hool TD925 after chasing and getting bad angles of these skyscrapers. No running from me this time and I got a 2-for-1 at rush hour.



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