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F1 Motorhomes - The One Minute Tour

Force India unveiled their new behemoth motorhome last week. Here is a compilation of Formula One hospitality areas. Ferrari - 3 floors. Ground floor is a conference and meeting place, the upper floor is reserved for Philip Morris + clients and guests. BMW - Traditional motorhome, modern twist. On either side of the central area are two large multifloored areas. In-between is a multifloored hospitality area with a bar in the centre. The whole thing is covered with a canvas roof. Renault - The central portion is a dining and press conference area. The two motorhomes are for the team, directors and drivers to work and relax. Williams - Traditional with two side by side motor homes with offices, joined in the middle by a large hospitality restaurant area. Red Bull - The Red Bull Energy Station has the largest surface area of all of the motorhomes. But it is a combines both Red Bull and Toro Rosso. 3 floors, several bars, dining areas and terraces. Toyota - Also traditional style with a large veranda off to the side for dining and hospitality. Inside are offices for the drivers and senior staff. Honda - Has an "environmental theme" with two bars for eating down either side of the central area. Super Aguri - Consists of two separate traditional motorhomes side by side, each with an enclosed truck office area and an external hospitality area. This is the former Jordan team's motorhome. Force India - An enormous structure with a wall of glass. 3 floors, 350 sqm and a large ...

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